Introducing Barclay Wolf Tape in Hair Extensions

As Leicester and Peterborough’s leading beauty salons, BB’S Beauty and Brows are delighted to announce we are now offering stunning Barclay Wolf’s taped hair extensions at both of our chic salons.

Winning the award for Innovation in Technology at The Herald’s Look Awards 2016 back in May this year, Barclay Wolf Hair Extensions are now taking the world by storm and we can certainly see why.

With over 40 years of experience in the hair extension industry, Barclay Wolf fully ‘understand the needs of salon owners, stylists and extension technicians, as well as the demands of their discerning client’ and we are in love with their ethos and ‘oh so’ gorgeous products.

As revolutionary innovators of tape in hair extensions, Barclay Wolf offer a variety of colours in both regular tape and invisible tape in options to suit your individual requirements, tastes and preferences.

And so, as professionals in the beauty industry across both Leicester and Peterborough, BB’s Beauty and Brows are excited by this beautiful range of extensions. But why choose Barclay Wolf hair extensions you may ask yourself?

In essence, the main vision for these types of extensions is to cut the time of application, saving you time out of your day for the more important things in life, like showing off your new hairstyle! Minimising application time by over half is a fantastic bonus but another big plus is the fact that Barclay Wolf hair extensions also remove the element of damage to your natural hair often associated with other hair extension types.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to try pre-taped hair extensions by Barclay Wolf, get in touch with us today! Whether you are based in Leicester or Peterborough, we’ll be delighted to help you get beautiful hair to suit your personality, style and budget!