This May why not take advantage of our fantastic waxing offer! Available at both of our walk in beauty salons in Leicester and Peterborough BBs Beauty & Brows are offering a Hollywood wax + Full leg wax for only £40 (RRP £45!).

The Hollywood wax

The humble Brazilian isn’t enough for some and so the Hollywood wax was born. At BBs Beauty & Brows we’ve developed a long established reputation for providing Hollywood waxes in a professional, friendly and cost effective environment. Salon owner Cindy Bansal is one of the most experienced beauticians in waxing in the Midlands area and boasts a wealth of experienced beauticians at both beauty salons across the region, all with a wealth of experience in the world of waxing.

Taking around 45 minutes, a Hollywood wax at a BBs salon uses only the highest quality wax. Using wax to remove hair quickly and comfortably from the pubic area- both front and back, a Hollywood wax removes smaller, finer hairs and is ideal for sensitive skin. One of the greatest benefits of a Hollywood wax in comparison to other forms of waxing is that no trace of hair will be left behind for a clean, smooth finish.

What’s more, re-growth won’t occur for between 2-3 weeks after your Hollywood wax which means it is perfect for the summer, whether you are going on a summer holiday, attending a wedding or just fancy long, lazy evenings on the beach without the worry of needing to wax.

And to top it all off, the more you have this treatment done, the finer and weaker the hairs become so it is a win, win situation for everyone and must certainly worth the pennies!

One important thing to remember is that prior to having this treatment you must pop in to our salon to have a patch test 24 hours before your treatment so we can check you’re not allergic to the wax we use. At both of our salons we have a very strict hygiene policy at our Leicester and Peterborough salons meaning we put your safety first, each and every time.

To take advantage of our fantastic offer, why not pop into one of our salons today or tomorrow to take advantage of our fantastic MAY offer!

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