They can take years off your face and accentuate your finest features- so shape up with our BBs Beauty and Brows boffins at both of our West Midlands salon in Peterborough and East Midlands salon in Leicester.

Read on to find out more about how to get the perfect brows…….

Colour your brows

A tint will instantly make your brows look thicker and fuller. This should be done first at one of our salons as plucking opens pores making irritation more likely.

Trim your brows

Use a brow brush to shape up and outwards so that all the hairs of your brows are sitting in the right direction.

If you are inclined to trim any long hairs, ensure you keep at least half the length of your hair to avoid over doing it.

Better still, come into one of our salons to make sure you don’t ruin your eyebrows as you’ll regret it from here on in.

Plot the natural arch of your eyebrows

The right shape and length of your brows can open up your eye area, helping you look rested and fresh.

Make you brows too short and you will make your eyes look out of proportion while making them too long will shrink your eyes and dominate your face.

Pop into one of our salons and we can help advise you on where your brows should start and finish so that they are oh-so perfect for your face.

Pluck your brows

Using tweezers to remove any hairs outside of your perfect eyebrow shape will result in neater brows and will define the arch, too.

Remember, though, if you are doing this yourself you need to bear in mind that you’re working with the natural shape your brow and not creating a new outline!

Enhance the look of your brows

Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins and don’t forget it!  Taking this into consideration you’ll need to use powder or gel to make them look even.

If you are fair haired go for a darker shade and if of course you have darker hair, use the same colour as the lightest strands of your luscious locks.

If you are worried about getting it wrong, pop into one of our salons where our team of brow experts will happily sort your brows for you and advise you on the best way to keep them looking tip top at all times.

We’ve got two conveniently suited salons; one in Leicester in the East Midlands and another in Peterborough in the West Midlands, just call in today and grab yourself an appointment. We would love to see you!