If you crave thick, glossy, full, flowing hair, look no further than Kapello. Great condition hair screams great health and here at BB’s Beauty & Brows we love creating the perfect look for you.

Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian have been praised for their free-flowing locks, with every magazine on sale attempting to provide tips on how to achieve the same look. For those with fine, straggly hair who battle with hair straighteners daily to control their manes, Kapello hair extensions are the perfect solution.

Kapello hair offer fantastic pre-taped extensions that provide an alternative to other costly, delicate and time consuming extensions available, without compromising on quality, performance or expertise.

Kapello’s ingenious pre-tape technology delivers the very best in flexibility, comfort and longevity. Incredibly quick to apply, the method of application is semi-permanent and for the best results, applied by experienced specialists in one our salons. With salons in both Leicester and Peterborough, BBs Beauty and Brows are able to apply beautiful hair extensions in super speedy times compared with other types of hair extensions.

With individual tapes, each about an inch in width, sandwiching small amounts of natural hair by locking it in place, Kapello pre-taped hair extensions ensure a natural looking and seamless blend. The tapes are extremely strong, won’t damage your natural hair and are very comfortable which is great news for everyone.

Unlike other forms of hair extensions, Kapello hair extensions deliver no discomfort and no limit to how many times you can have them applied. This is due to the fact Kapello extensions are attached over a larger surface area than traditional extensions, which grab on to a very small section of your hair and pull at the root, causing discomfort and damage.

Whatever colour and length you require, BBs Beauty and Brows are able to offer a multitude of options to suit your individual tastes and preferences. And because they are so simple to apply, gone are the days spending hours upon hours at the salon getting extensions added to your hair. With Kapello, as long as the shade matches your natural hair colour, you’ll be done in an hour or two.

But what are some of the benefits of Kapello hair extensions?

They lay flat against your head and can be styled without making it obvious to anyone looking at your hair. The tapes are transparent so you cannot even see them unless you have a real rummage about!

They are incredibly light and easy to maintain and ensure a natural finish.

Kapello hair extensions require less initial investment for a full set and application than traditional hair extensions.

Because your hair is bonded using strips of tapes sandwiched together, there’s also a lot less fall-out than traditional extensions.

So, if you are considering hair extensions, be it to add volume or length, then Kapello pre-taped extensions are a fantastic step forwards. Ideal for anyone for any purposes, especially those wanting to take their first steps into the world of luxuriously luscious hair, this type of hair extension is an investment really worth paying into.

Call today to find out more about this new hair extension range on offer at both of our BBs Beauty and Brows salons.

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