When you think of Lash Extensions from BBs Beauty & Brows, what words come to mind? We have oodles of happy clients and the most common words and phrases that we hear most is ‘beautiful, elegant, luxurious etc’. What your BBs Beauty & Brows lash technician thinks when they hear the words lash extensions is ‘accentuate, frame, design, customize’.

This is because, here at BBs Beauty & Brows, whether you visit our Leicester salon or our Peterborough salon, we offer you the very best when it comes to eyelash extensions and only the best will do. While each client receives the same treatment and process – our techniques can never be fully replicated as your eyelash extensions will work collaboratively with the shape of your eyes and face.

So, when you pop into either of our walk in salons, you’ll get the ideal lashes for you. But what factors do we take into consideration when you choose to have eyelash extensions at BBs Beauty & Brows? Take a look below to find out more:

Your natural eye shape

Depending on whether you have an oval, round, feline, or downward facing eye shape, will determine what sort of eyelash extensions will suit you the best? Once we have determined the natural shaping of your eye, we will then be able to determine where best to put the emphasis with the eyelash extensions, and where to place our longest lengths, and what curl types to use where.

Your brow shape

When you’ve chosen to come into see us, we will establish where the highest point of your brow is as your lash extensions need to compliment your brow line to bring together a complete ‘wow’ factor look.

Your desired signature style

What BBs Beauty & Brows signature look do you have in mind? Au natural? The Christmas minx? The diva? The flirt? This will determine how much length we add to your natural lashes- speak to our dedicated eyelash technicians who will happily make suggestions on the best look for your eye and brow shape.

Your natural lashes

Naturally, what condition are your lashes in? Do you have weak, sparse lashes or super full, coarse lashes? Depending on your natural lashes, our highly skilled eyelash technicians will design a look to compliment you, and to keep your lashes healthy and looking gorgeous.

We then select the lash extensions. With a large variety of curl types, diameters, lengths, and colours available at BBs Beauty & Brows salons, it is easy to get a look that is both stunning while still looking natural.

But why is it so important to have variety within a set of lashes?

-Variety is crucial when it comes to giving an overall eye makeover to each and every one of our clients. By using a deeper curl placed in the right spot eyes get an instant lift! By using 4-6 lengths of extensions within a full set a nice arc is created to look natural, and keep people guessing.

By using different diameters of extensions emphasis and fullness can be achieved, while still maintaining lash health. At BBs Beauty & Brows, our expertly trained lash technicians will select the lashes that will perfectly compliment your beautiful eyes!

If you want to achieve a stunning look, get in touch today or pop into either our Leicester walk in salon located in Highcross Shopping Centre or our Peterborough salon in Westgate Arcade.

Our skilled technicians will help you get your eyes redefined with the perfect frame of extensions that’ll have your friends begging to know your secret of looking fresh and rejuvenated 24/7!