Want to get the best brows of your life? Look no further than BBs Beauty and Brows Bar; we’ve got your eyebrows covered!

Which method is best for brow hair removal?

The type of brow shaping you have really is a personal preference. Many women personally prefer waxing by a professional to remove the hair as it’s quick (and if done by a trained professional at BBs Beauty and Brows bar, virtually pain-free!) then tweeze to shape as this is precise and there is less risk of removing the wrong hair as it’s only one hair as a time.

How do I maintain my newly shaped brows?

We recommend you wax your brows every 4 weeks at your BBs Beauty and Brows bar and leave the actual shaping of your brows to a pro.

How do I make my fine brows look more ‘Delevingne’d’?

To strengthen your brows, you can have them tinted. This will enhance them, but with a natural finish. A tint lasts between 4-6 weeks, so your brows will stay fantastic for longer. Remember your brows are sisters not twins! They’ll never be completely equal, but you can get them pretty perfect when you choose to visit one of our brow specialists at BBs Beauty and Brow bars in Leicester and Peterborough.

I’ve over-plucked my eyebrows. Help!

If you do make a mistake and over-pluck your brows, pop along to your local BBs Beauty and Brow bar and ask for our advice. If you’ve created a gap, panic not! Here at BBs Beauty and Brows we can help you create a fuller looking brow, but NEVER continue to pluck to try and correct the mistake. Remember one or two hairs will grow back quickly but a full brow will take a lot longer!!

How do I know which brow shape is best for me?

As brow experts, our skilled beauty and brow technicians will talk you through what is the best brow shape for you; as experts in all things brow related we know everything there is when it comes to creating stunning brows, whatever look you want to achieve. A good wax can take years off of your age; hairs tend to get lighter (or grey) as you get older so you can darken them with a tint to create more defined, full brows. Get in touch today to find out how specialist brow treatments can transform your look instantly; with salons in both Peterborough and Leicester we are here to help you.