Whilst we are loving this season’s trend for all things of bygone eras in the wardrobe department, when it comes to bikini lines and summer skin, we’re all about 2015 ladies and gents here at BBs Beauty and Brows!

And whilst we also get that it’s not the most relaxing of treatments to have, we promise you that the quote ‘more painful than childbirth’ doesn’t apply here.

Whilst resting within the discretion of our calming waxing treatment rooms, our super speedy, highly accurate and skilled therapists will have you in and out within no time at all with a lighter step and a bikini ready body.

A tip from the experts of waxing:

New to waxing?
A little scared?
Don’t be.

Start off with just the bikini line and each time you have a wax, request to edge inwards if you prefer less hair-down-there. Before you know it you’ll be asking for the Hollywood without so much as a batter of those eyelids!

And the more you wax, the less painful it becomes. So try to keep to 3-4 week appointments for less hair and smoother skin in the long run.

And as for shaving, it really is best left alone as much as you can. It can irritate your skin and leave cuts and nicks, which leave behind portals for bacteria to enter—a.k.a infection central!

Shaving can also lead to hyper-pigmentation on the bikini line and underarms which can also toughen the skin- Stubble just doesn’t isn’t an attractive attribute so steer clear of grabbing your razors everyone!

View our waxing treatments and get booked in for a premium, smoother and longer lasting finish.

With salons in both Leicester and Peterborough BBs Beauty and Brows are conveniently located for a hassle free experience, now and always so don’t delay! Get in touch and let us kick start the feel good factor today!