In 2016, it really isn’t lost on us that there’s a salon on every corner of the high street and several packed into shopping malls, often in very close proximity these days.

So, why should you choose BBs Beauty & Brows?

With two newly renovated premises in Leicester and Peterborough BBs Beauty & Brows serve the whole of the Midlands area and continue to be ever popular with our clients. We insist on being a cut above the rest in everything that we do be it High Definition (HD) Brows, Threading, Waxing, Hair Styling or Balbcare Manicures, to name just a few of the fantastic services we offer.

But what makes us really stand out from the crowd is that we’re sophisticated, with high quality services but not at all snooty! We believe that there’s nothing worse than going to a salon and feeling intimidated or on edge when you are about to indulge in a beauty or relaxation service.

At BBs Beauty & Brows Salons, we make sure you feel on top of the world because that’s how we feel about making you beautiful, and it’s also how we’ve created the space at both our Leicester and Peterborough salons. Knowing that you’re going to feel completely at ease in the very capable and friendly hands of our beauty therapists, technicians and beauty experts is something we strive to deliver, now and always.

From the minute you enter a BBs Beauty & Brows salon, our goal is to make you feel good and totally at ease. We want you to feel relaxed so you are able to enjoy whatever treatment you choose and we want you to leave our salons smiling and ready to take on the day. The way we feel is that if you don’t feel relaxed and totally at ease in our company, what good is it that we can make you look fabulous- we want to deliver it all to you!

Beauty is our business, it’s in our blood, but forging positive relationships is our passion. We’re well aware that there is a lot of competition in this marketplace, both in Leicester at the Highcross Shopping Centre, and also within the Queensgate Shopping Centre in Peterborough.

With this in mind, our priority is connecting with you, making you look and feel beautiful at very reasonable, competitive prices.

As well as getting to know our clients personally, and deeply caring about their beauty needs and preferences, we are always updating our knowledge within all aspects of the beauty industry, to stay ahead of the competition and provide the best array of services direct to you. And for total peace of mind, you can expect the very best in quality products at both of our BBs Beauty & Brows salons with a fantastic team of specialists who genuinely know their business and love to make you feel great.

What we hear most is how much people love our chic salons, how great our facilities and range of services are and how we make them feel so at home. Other positive reviews include how attentive and down to earth our staff members are and how fantastic our customers feel when they leave.  We love receiving feedback from our customers so let us know why you choose BBs Beauty & Brows Salons.

We look forwarding to hearing from you very soon!