Thai Deluxe Facials

With the summer months passing by at a rate of knots, if you are looking to convert to the fabulous, restorative powers of traditional Thai deluxe facials, look no further than BBs Beauty & Brows. And if you have yet to try one of our incredible Thai deluxe facials yet, prepare to be surprised! Thai … Read more

Eyebrow Threading

  Eyebrow Threading at BBs Beauty & Brows How Eyebrow Threading is done The most effective way to achieve a perfect shape is to have them done at a BBs Beauty & Brows salon using our tried and tested Eyebrow Threading Techniques. With salons at both Leicester and Peterborough, we’ve got everything to do with … Read more

The beautiful art of Henna

At BBs Beauty and Brows of Leicester and Peterborough we love all things Henna. We are quite literally the best in the Midlands at the beautiful art of Henna so why not pop along and see what amazing designs we can create for you? If you are considering having some form of Henna art, here’s … Read more