Beauty Resolutions (Part 2)

As February runs away with us, BBs Beauty & Brows are back with some more beauty resolutions to see you through 2018. Building on from last month’s blog, here’s a low down of helpful tints from July- December. JULY: RESOLVE TO GET HANDS-ON WITH SUN PROTECTION Hands are often a big giveaway of age. Decide … Read more

Beauty Resolutions (Part 1)

Having trouble sticking to those New Year resolutions? Why not take the pressure off this year and focus on achievable (and enjoyable) goals to help you look and feel your best? To get you started the team here at BBs Beauty and Brows have rounded up our top 6 beauty tips so you can make 2018 your most … Read more

Christmas Treats at BBs Beauty and Brows

As we storm into the Christmas season, what’s on your Christmas wish list? If you struggle to find that perfect gift for your loved one – don’t panic! At BBs Beauty & Brows we have you covered. If you want something really worthwhile under the Christmas tree this year, or want to find the perfect … Read more

The real low down on Shellac Nails

This month we are talking about fabulously gorgeous Shellac Nails. (And yes, of course- BBs Beauty & Brows offer these oh so pretty nails at both of our walk in salons!) So, for those who aren’t 100% sure on what Shellac is and what it’s all about, we’re here to explain a little more….   … Read more

The Power of Touch

    It’s all about feeling like ‘you’ again. Your health is your most precious gift, and throughout life many of us experience illness. Whether it be yourself or others, sadly cancer and other terminal illnesses affects a large proportion of us these days. Such treatments can be aggressive (let alone scary), and many people … Read more

Thai Deluxe Facials

With the summer months passing by at a rate of knots, if you are looking to convert to the fabulous, restorative powers of traditional Thai deluxe facials, look no further than BBs Beauty & Brows. And if you have yet to try one of our incredible Thai deluxe facials yet, prepare to be surprised! Thai … Read more

Eyebrow Threading

  Eyebrow Threading at BBs Beauty & Brows How Eyebrow Threading is done The most effective way to achieve a perfect shape is to have them done at a BBs Beauty & Brows salon using our tried and tested Eyebrow Threading Techniques. With salons at both Leicester and Peterborough, we’ve got everything to do with … Read more

Guide to Lash Extensions

Here at BBs Beauty & Brows, we’ve been wanting to do a post about eyelash extensions for some time now as it’s one of our many ever popular services at both of our walk in salons in Leicester and Peterborough. If we had a £1 for every time we heard ‘I had semi permanent lashes … Read more

Beautiful Bluesky Nails

  Here at BBs Beauty & Brows, we are delighted to be offering a fantastic April offer to our customers, both new and old- a gorgeous BALBCARE MANICURE + BLUE SKY GEL POLISH for only £32 (RRP £39)- a fantastic saving of £7 this month! Available at both of our walk in salons in Leicester and … Read more

Lash extensions like never before

When you think of Lash Extensions from BBs Beauty & Brows, what words come to mind? We have oodles of happy clients and the most common words and phrases that we hear most is ‘beautiful, elegant, luxurious etc’. What your BBs Beauty & Brows lash technician thinks when they hear the words lash extensions is … Read more