Mylash Express Lashes

Get The Look… Mylash Express lashes can offer a subtle and natural style, or can be built up to provide a more glamorous look. This treatment, which is popular with clients and celebrities alike, lasts up to two weeks. After this time, the lashes should be removed and a new set applied. Here at BBs … Read more

Guide to Lash Extensions

Here at BBs Beauty & Brows, we’ve been wanting to do a post about eyelash extensions for some time now as it’s one of our many ever popular services at both of our walk in salons in Leicester and Peterborough. If we had a £1 for every time we heard ‘I had semi permanent lashes … Read more

Lash extensions like never before

When you think of Lash Extensions from BBs Beauty & Brows, what words come to mind? We have oodles of happy clients and the most common words and phrases that we hear most is ‘beautiful, elegant, luxurious etc’. What your BBs Beauty & Brows lash technician thinks when they hear the words lash extensions is … Read more